No chocolate bunnies here

So, I have been off the grid for the past week/2 weeks. First, because of a lot of power outages and second, because I was on “feriado” (bank holiday).  I haven’t had a vacation in a while so I took full advantage of it. Sorry about my absence, but I needed to recharge, and a friend came back to Buenos, sooo all in all it made sitting down and writing next to impossible! Buuut, back to holidays.

It’s a week late but the reason I had so much time off is because the past week was Holy week. I don’t think anyone would call me religious, and as I have grown older the holidays have lost their sparkle, I can’t recall the last time I properly celebrated a Christian holiday. This is the first Easter I haven’t had to work – serving families their brunch in their “Easter best” – since I lived at home (time abroad aside). And, let’s be real, they aren’t the same when you don’t have your parents nearby.

Typically I probably wouldn’t have done anything special but seeing as majority of the population here in Argentina is Catholic, and I mean the new Pope is Argentinean, it only seemed fitting to celebrate in some way. So what do a bunch of extranjeros do on this holiday far from those they love? Go to San Telmo and have a brunch picnic in the park. Medialunas (croissants), empanadas, alfajores, pastries on pastries on pastries filled with dolce de leche.


The weather was great, there was frisbee to be played – well not for me of course 😉 – the best part and one of the reasons I love the parks here – this random band set up right in front of us and put on a pretty great show! Everyone loved it, including the drunks who came up to sing a few songs. LOL. Their songs were so catchy I still have one stuck in my head – “la noche dormirrrrrr – la noche dormir”

see the drunk in red

We didn’t hunt for eggs – or throw them at each other (it’s a Swiss thing) – but it was a pretty great Easter and it kept the homesickness at bay. I hope your holiday was just as wonderful!