Hello October, When Did you Get Here?

Chicos! How is this possible? How is it already October?! Gah – time is flying by soo quickly. So, there is much to catch up on

  • didn’t get the Jauntaroo gig – noooooo! But, it’s ok! I had an insane amount of support and that blew me away!
  • it is finally getting warmer – spring is here and I didn’t have to wear a jacket today, HALLELUJAH

OK – that is the big stuff jaja. But, there are all of these little things, and personal things, that I am not sure how much detail I want to go into – but the times they are a changin’ alright! Gah, and as I think about all that has happened – I think about how much backtracking there is to do on here and then I feel so guilty, aka annoyed with myself, for not keeping this up to date. I still haven’t even finished the trip to the north!


So what I am going to do is just post. They may not be in order but the goodies will all be there!

Thank you so much for continuing to follow and for helping me with the contest of course! More to come soon! And this time I mean it! Chau chau for now 😉



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