Putting Yourself Out There

Have you ever stumbled across something and thought to ourself “Wow! That is incredible!” or “What an amazing opportunity!” or “I wish I could do that!”

Man, I have. I have watched these opportunities come and go. One recently came my way by an old friend – who said something to the extent of – “you’re already doing this – you can do this.”

Now, I have to hand it to Jauntaroo – this is an incredible marketing strategy – but their call for submissions for “The Worlds Greatest Job” was too enticing for me NOT to try.

What is this job?  To be Chief World Traveler for Jauntaroo. You get $100,000 and you get to travel for a year representing Jauntaroo. Does it get better than that?! It does! You aren’t just traveling, doing amazing things, but you are also going to be doing volunteer work in each destination.


This would be so INCREDIBLE. I can barely find the words to describe how much I want this. SO here comes the shameless self promotion:

I need your help! I have until the 15th of Sept to get enough votes to get me into the top 50. Once the top 50 are compiled they will then chose 5 people. Out of the 5 they will choose a winner. So please follow the link


Or click HERE watch my video, “Like” it, and maybe share it amongst your friends? You can like it once every day and I ask that you do.

Why not try to do something AMAZING?!

Thank you, thank you, thank youImage

3 thoughts on “Putting Yourself Out There

    1. Hello!! I just saw this. Thank you! It would have been wonderful, but at least I tried :). I have been loving catching up on your blog recently! I love the language posts jaja so hilarious. When in doubt – “why not”. Jajaja

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