Life takes over

I know I have said this before, and I haven’t meant to stay away for so long, but life has the ability to take over and can eat you whole. I have been putting off writing for the “right time” but I know better, and have realized that we simply must MAKE time.
This past month has been very transformative. I have hit the point in this journey when everything sort of falls apart and reality makes her great entrance back into my life. As a result, this has been a very introspective time.
It hasn’t all been bad. I have had some rather interesting opportunities arise and as we all know (yup I’m going there) when one door closes. . . without going into too much detail please allow me to catch you up:
Majority of my friends here have said their goodbyes and are on to their next adventure or respective countries. I have said farewell to the house I have lived in for the past 8 months as, well, it was time. I have been so blessed to have been taken in by a few friends until I can move into my next home in Sept. Happy to say the new place is an “upgrade” of sorts in regards to amenities – so long twin size bed – hello queen bed! So long shared bath – hello private! The neighborhood I am moving into is pretty much the bees knees. It’s safer, cleaner, close to everything (great bars, restaurants, cafes etc), including my office, so all in all things are looking up!
I have said goodbye to 2 spanish teachers and am in the process of finding another. My spanish is slowly improving. My vocab is building but my grammar is still mierda. Boh. That said things are starting to click now – really click. I feel like I went through a period in which my spanish was getting worse jaja! But, the new house is a “spanish only” environment so I am ready for what I am sure is to be a Spanish boot camp ;).
I say this often but I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for having this opportunity, for so many reasons. I think the most valuable one is the reminder that no matter how many times I get knocked around – there are always people around to help me up. We live in this world where we are told, and believe, that we can’t trust anyone and while you shouldn’t trust EVERYONE, sometimes you have no choice but to put your faith in others. I am so humbled and floored by the amount of goodness in my life. All I can say is I have a lot of paying it forward to do.
I have missed this blog and writing. It is such a useful outlet and I hope you will continue to join me on this journey!


5 thoughts on “Life takes over

  1. Aw, a new start… I’m itching for one, but I’ve got to wait right now, and it’s driving me nuts.
    Spanish – I often feel like I’m going backwards with it, I can so relate 🙂

    1. It’s so funny right?! I look back at the past few months and I often feel like my Spanish was better even though I know that is not possible jajaja. I cannot wait to catch up on your blog!

      1. I feel hugely different about it from occasion to occasion, from encounter to encounter. Yes, there is an overall trajectory of progress, there MUST be, but it’s too slow for my liking. I’ve accepted it now, though.
        Living with Spanish speakers will help you immensely. I can’t be doing with sharing accommodation at this point in my life, I’ve done it for many years and it’s just not something I want now that I’m in early middle age. I need my own space, I’m a grown woman, and I make enough money.
        Keep us updated 🙂

  2. Sonita, I see this pic of you and I just want to reach in and GRAB YOU! Hugs from home, enjoy your journey, stay safe mi hita. Love, mom 🙂

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