“I’ll Have Another”

Alright this is my first edition of . . . wait for it . . .

“I’ll Have Another” Wednesdays – because nothing can pull you out of a mid-week slump like knowing the weekend is only two days away. Yes, I know that this is being posted on Thursday this week and there is no excuse for that – other than I have a long-standing relationship with procrastination.

So, lets chat bars. If you are a foreigner – be it expat, traveler, or student – chances are you are going to find yourself at Magdalena’s Party.

Located on the corner of Thames and Costa Rica. You can come for drinks or a bite to eat (they have American style brunch on the weekends)! I can’t speak for the food, but one of these days I will have to head over to check out their brunch. The only time I have been in is on Thursday nights. Why? You can drink for 15 pesos! Now, it’s not whatever you want for 15, just Budweiser and SKYY vodka. But, I mean 15 pesos is NOTHING.

What’s it like? Well you can hear the top 40 down the block. One quick look around and you realize the bar is packed with nothing but extranjeros. OK, no big deal, not ideal but it’s in Palermo after all. I have to say cheap drinks aside, this bar is not my favorite. It reminded me of every stereotypical frat bar in the States. Personally, I wasn’t into the scene when I was in college and I’m definitely not into it now. What can I say different strokes for different folks. But, if that is your thing, this is your bar! If not, do what we all do – start your night there for a cheap buzz and move on.

Moral of the story, if you find yourself in Buenos – missing home, craving english – head to Magdalena’s you’re bound to run into a fellow Yankee, Brit etc any day of the week!


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