Libations Please

Alright, I am over neglecting my blog! As you know over the past two months I have been busy putting my life together and now it’s time to start living again!

I was looking through my earlier posts and realized that I have yet to really touch on the night life here in Buenos.

Shame. On. Me.

This is the city where calling it “an early night” means getting home at 4am, where a typical night will have you walking in your front door as the sun is coming up. It’s also a town full of great bars and boliches (discotheques) suited for what ever scene you are into. I am heading to a new bar tonight and I will give you my opinion of it soon :).

I haven’t decided which day of the week I am going to roll this out on – but if I have “Real Talk Sunday” I better have “Libation Monday (or Tuesday etc . . . ). Maybe I will call it “Thank the Heavens it’s Friday”. . . Well, whatever I decide to call it, it’s coming.

On that note, enjoy your Friday!!

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