A Few of My Favorite Things Continued . . .

This is my 40th post and I am in my 5th month here!! I have been silent recently because the probability of my having to return to the good ol’ Rocky Mountain state became very real. So I had to take some time to get my life together. As a result I haven’t really been doing much. Stress, ain’t nobody got time for that – until you are forced to make time.

Faced with the possibility of having to leave next month I was really conflicted. I became excited to see everyone I’ve missed, to return to the little everyday comforts – and then I was really bummed out – I am not ready to leave this city!!!! The result? I get to stay! So, it only seems fitting to move into this months addition of . . .

A Few of my Favorite Things!

(starting where I left off)

19) La Gente – I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I have had such an amazing time here because I have met some incredible people.  I am so grateful and feel so lucky to have been able to share this experience with them!

20) Facturas – Every now and then someone in my office will bring in a glorious mix of facturas (pastries) putting my 1/2 grapefruit and unflavored yogurt to shame. I just can’t say no.

You see that sugar, buttery, flakey goodness?

You see that sugary, buttery, flakey goodness?

21)  Mantecol – This has become a favorite sweet of mine. It’s a candy bar and has a buttery flavor that reminds me of a Butterfinger (my favorite candy bar). But, it is a bit closer in flavor to Halva. Mmm. If you come across a Mantecol Extremo – get it – it’s dipped in chocolate.

22) Cumin Cumin – Specifically their fried empanadas. Droooollll. This place is around the corner from my house and has THE best fried empanadas in the city. It’s literally a game changer. You know, I think it deserves its own post . . . TBC

23) That there is a gorgeous little park right in front of my house (see earlier post Mierda Happens). realizing that most of these are food, and not from the healthy branch, I am going to need to take advantage of said park and go for a run.

This months list was a little short but it doesn’t mean I am loving this place any less :).

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