It won’t be That cold, will it?

I am happy to say I am not the only one who not only underestimated just how expensive clothes are here in Buenos, but also how cold the impending winter will be. Let me explain a few things. The shopping here is incredibly expensive and the quality isn’t that great. This is not say that you can’t find great quality here, you certainly can – but that does not fit into my budget – sadly. There are no real cheap alternatives. You have Zara which is like an H&M/Forever 21 in regards to who their market is and the quality of the garments, but the prices are similar to that of Nordstroms. The average for a blouse is equivalent to about 60-70 dollars – depending. Blahhhhhh.

After a few cold, rainy days here a few of the roommates and I have realized how unprepared we are. Luckily my AMAZING housemate, Yael (who we heard from earlier in the week), allows all the chicas en la casa to borrow her clothes (her closet has now been dubbed Boutique de Yael) – not only is she generous, Yael has great taste!

But, alas it is time for us to figure out our own cold weather strategy. So, you can imagine our excitement when Eva and I caught wind of a vintage market that takes place at Parque Centenario on Saturdays and Sundays.


If you haven’t had a chance to check out Parque Centenario, you should, it’s beautiful. And, when the weather is warm they show movies in the amphitheater at night. The market itself is pretty big, it’s not as big as La Feria de San Telmo, but it’s a good size. If you are going to go to this market give yourself a few hours. We got there around 4 so there wasn’t much time to rummage, and just like a good thrift store, you need time. Eva and I shuffled through the stalls but weren’t that impressed. If I had a sewing kit a lot of the items had potential, but buying them as is wasn’t really an option. Another bad side – you can’t really try anything on – well, I mean, you are of course welcome to be creative like Eva here lol ;).


The venders at this market offer more than just clothes. There were books, magazines, records y todo. So what was the result? I bought a pair of leggings (45 pesos although 2 stalls down we found the same ones for 35 -_- ), a basic slouchy shirt (50 pesos), and a great pair of sunglasses (25 pesos). Not to mention I had a pretty tasty choripan annnnnd 2 churros – 1 dipped in chocolate, both stuffed with dolce de leche. 🙂

While the hunt for proper winter attire continues I am grateful that the weather is cooperating by keeping things around a comfortable 21 degrees, or around 70 degrees for all my fahrenheit users. But, you can trust that once I know of a great place you will all know. 😉

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