No Maybe, Don’t Call Me

*** Lo siento for the tardiness –  I had issues getting this up yesterday***

It’s Sunday!!!! Time for some Real Talk and mannnn do I have a topic. . .

“Cat Calling”

I don’t know one woman who isn’t a silent warrior. If you are a woman traveling, moving around, interacting in this world (especially alone) you HAVE to have some thick skin. It is not an easy thing to do. We wake up, put on our armor, and war paint in preparation for the inevitable. A woman cannot walk down the street here and not hear “hermosa” from a distance or quietly as men stare you down, walk past you getting just close enough to whisper it in your ear. Men are loudly throwing besitos. They are staring. You walk into a bar and they are grabbing – an arm, your waste, your face – some immediately moving in to stick their tongues down your throat. Erm, no gracias.

I was recently at a party and this guy would not leave me alone and he said something I know we’ve all heard often –

“oh, you should be used to this”

“you should be grateful, it’s a compliment.”

No, you should take a hint and stop feeling entitled to have my attention. This isn’t just an issue here – I remember the stares in India, the constant grabbing of my ass as I walked down the street. In Denver, Co in the good ol’ USofA you walk down the street and men honk their horns, yell out the window etc. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, it’s a problem everywhere.

I don’t understand the reasoning behind their actions. It is not a compliment. It is not appreciated and it’s definitely not wanted. It is belittling. It is infuriating, and honestly, it’s humiliating. Every time I see that I am going to be passing a group of men – doesn’t matter the size – I find myself taking a breath, focusing ahead, and pursing my lips. I know I am not alone in this silent protest that says –

“No, I will not give you the satisfaction of acknowledging your disrespect.”

It’s even worse when upon noticing the look of fierceness on your face they yell “smile.” OH, I would if you could behave yourself.

I don’t care how one is dressed, the twitch in their hips as they walk – women are not puppies that you can squeal at every time you pass by one by (like I do when I see pugs, but that’s a different story). If you find a woman attractive – keep walking, flash a smile and give her the respect of keeping your mouth shut. That, my friends, may actually get you somewhere.

This isn’t intended to be a rant. More of a shout out to my fellow females out there. You inspire me with your strength.

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