“Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam, Oley Oley Oley”

The 3rd of April marked the beginning of my 4th month here! So how did I celebrate? I went to a music festival that’s how!

I mentioned in my previous post that I had a friend return to BsAs and he was kind enough to take me, along with a friend he met during his travels, to the Pepsi Music Festival. Ahhh – it was incredible! I knew Argentinos loved their Rock and Roll, but I had no idea just how MUCH they loved it, until this night. It was nuts! Here was the line-up (well at least the acts I saw)

– Alabama Shakes – Always delivers! She is such a beast!

– The Hives – Not too familiar with their stuff, honestly we spent the whole time in the “beer tent” during their set. I will say, their attire (top hats and suits) were kickin!

– The Black Keys – Te amo the Black Keys! While their interaction with the audience was minimal (perhaps due to the language barrier?) they put on an a great performance!

Annnnnnnd the highlight of the evening???

– PEARL f’n JAM!- This was my first time at a show of theirs and I was floored. Hands down, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and I have seen some amazing acts. Eddie Vedder is a man of the people. They way he worked the crowd, attempted to speak in Spanish, his genuine gratitude. I have been to some pretty crowded/crazy shows before but this tops them all. There had to be over 50,000 people there. You literally could not move to your left or right – there was only space for one movement – jumping!

Special shout out to these two crazy fools for a great time, and Ro, thanks for the ticket and protecting me during the mosh pits!

Buena suerte chicos 🙂

Ilan, Ronen y yo

Ilan, Ronen y yo

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