To the Market to the Market

Soooo I have mentioned that I am living the expat life on a budget. Why? Well,

a) I am poor and am swimming in student loan debt

b) because when you are getting paid in a currency that is depreciating everyday and, as I have mentioned in an earlier post, has an INSANE inflation rate, not to mention that prices went up 20% this week alone.

Budgeting is a way of life.

So, what do you do on a Saturday afternoon when you are financially strapped? You can hang out in one of the many gorgeous parks here – a fav past time of Portenos and extranjeros (foreigners) alike – or you can check out the Buenos Aires Market!

At least, that was my thought process the past few weeks. So maybe shopping at a farmers market doesn’t really fit into my budget, however, I was eager to hunt down some unique finds – maybe spices, and thought – “hey I am going to treat ma self!” *snaps fingers*

Now let me preface – the night before some of the girls I live with and I were up till about 6am drinking Fernet (of course), having girl talk, and sing alongs. So, the next morning the last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed, but, we pulled it together and made our way. It was really lovely but, it was a little overwhelming and yet underwhelming at the same time. Overwhelming because it was incredibly pact! Underwhelming because it was so small! The crowd out numbered the venders at what felt like 5 to 1. But, I believe the market is a new concept (don’t quote me on that) soooo I guess that’s to be expected.


While I was hoping for spices and interesting goodies, there were mostly stands selling different types of oils and honey.Which is great but I wasn’t in the market for those.They were also the only ones that provided samples (lame).


So we left – hungry.

I was also underwhelmed because I had confused the Buenos Aires Market with the Buenos Aires Underground Market (silly me), but once I realized my mistake, and saw that BAUM was the following weekend,  I was quick to forgive and changed my attitude.

Last weekend I talked the housemates and some friends into coming with me to BAUM promising great treats and finds. And well, after traveling deep into the barrio Once, getting lost and starving we paid our 5 pesos, climbed what felt like 10 flights of stairs and my heart dropped. The space itself was great.  It had that – urban, deconstructed, graffiti – run down feel.


The market was – tiny. Their advertisements had promised so much – a vast variety of food and venders etc. The result? With the exception of a few, they had the same vendors as the BAM. Womp Womp.


Once again we left empty-handed, and hungry.

Sooo here is what I learned:

If you are going to go to a market keep your five pesos and go to the Buenos Aires Market. Why?

– it’s free

– more vendors

– happens monthly (in different locations around the city).

I hate to sound like a total grump about the whole thing. It’s just, this is right up my alley! I am such a sucker for things like this. And it’s not that I dislike oil or honey – in fact I love them! But, there is only such much I can take. I will say, however, that it was nice to get out and do something different.

***Fair warning, if you are considering going to either in the future, and it’s not really your thing, look back on this post and remember – Sonja was disappointed – and don’t go.

But, if you are hunting for some flavored oils, or honey this will be heaven for you! Although, save the money and make your own infused oils! Throw some garlic/herbs etc in some EVOO let it rest for a week – BAM infused oil. I’m just saying. 😉


2 thoughts on “To the Market to the Market

  1. Hey, nice post. I’m the guy in your last pic. I’ll try the other market you talk about. I wanted to mention that inflation rate is not just as you report. 20/25% is for the whole year.

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