Maybe I Need a Spoonful of Sugar

I tend to lean on the positive side of things, but as amazing as this city is, there are definitely some things that rub me wrong. Everything is a balancing act, no? You can’t have the good without the bad. So, as promised, here are a few of my LEAST favorite things here in Buenos Aires.

1) Las Cucarachas (cockroaches) – I am not accustomed to this pest. Thanks to the geckos, and other insects and bugs, I never really noticed the cockroaches in India (except for one that will forever live in infamy – it was the size of a kitten – no joke).  But here, oh man, did you know they can FLY?! And swim. HELL NO. Gracias, pero no gracias.

2) The streets – As charming as they can be, some are cobbled, some are patterned – all are busted. Pair that with my clumsy self, and you have another sprained ankle waiting to happen. Seriously. I haven’t worn heels here because if I need to “take it to the streets” – the streets will win.

3) The Colectivos (buses) – This is more of a love/hate relationship. But, on days like today when they are over crowded, and what should be a 30 minute commute turns into a 45, AND the bus driver just doesn’t stop at your stop, for no known reason, thus forcing you to walk an extra 5 blocks, making you late for work – yeah, the 29 is on my list today.

4) Limited Accessibility to Spicy Food – Argentines aren’t too keen on spicy food. While the cuisine is divine, I am often left longing for the slow burn that comes with a well seasoned spicy dish. This is coming from someone that grew up snacking on jalapenos with salt – the heat feeds my soul. One of my housemates threw down a bottle of Siracha on the table the other night and I almost wept. If I could only find some Cholula.

5) Inflation – Inflation is real, it is no joke, and in the time I have been here the inflation rate has jumped up about 5% – bringing us to around 25%. This number is estimated, but don’t worry it will go up next month :).

6) Alfajores – Because I love those little cookies too much 😦

OK, that’s enough for now. I don’t think Fraulien Maria would be so apt to make me a jumper made of curtains for this list.

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