“A Few of My Favorite Things” – Revisited

Alrighhhht I have officially been here for 2 months! Therefore, I think it’s only right to do a 2nd installment of “A Few of My Favorite Things”. I think I am going to add to this list every month to keep me grateful 🙂

OK so starting from where I left off –

12) Running around the park, in monsoon-like rain, at 4am.

13) Alfajores dipped in chocolate – an alfajor is an amazing little sandwich cookie that will traditionally have a dolce de leche center – but you can get them in a variety of flavors. These are my new guilty pleasure – as in I literally just ate one 😉 shh.

Different types of Alfajor candies

14) The fact that if one is on a bus, or say in line at the grocery store, if there is a pregnant woman everyone will give up their seat/ place in line so she can go first!

15) That I can buy 2 bife de chorizo cuts – aka a NY Strip or Sirloin depending – aka the most delicous cut of meat – for around 30 pesos!! Drool. I successfully cooked a steak for the first time last night and it was perfectly mid-rare… *pats self on back*.

Buenos Aires 2009 - Bife de chorizo no Restaur...

16) That there are “verdulerias” practically on every block. A verduleria is a vegetable stand. If you can’t find one on your block keep walking and you’re guaranteed to run into one. Their veggies are always fresh and they pick out the best ones for you, so there is no guess-work!


17) That looking natural is “in”. I love that the women wear very little makeup here. I haven’t worn, foundation, blush, or eye shadow in a few weeks!

18) La Bomba del Tiempo! Every Monday in Abasto 17 percussionists get on stage at the Konex for an improvisational jam fest! It’s so much fun they play everything from samba to Latin and African beats, Salsa etc. This deserves its own blog posting, and it will have it, so watch for it in the future :).

La Bomba de Tiempo

OK, that is all for now!!!! Again feel free to suggest additions to this list!!!

4 thoughts on ““A Few of My Favorite Things” – Revisited

  1. I love veg stands! They are also held in high regard in the Middle East and I can’t believe that such an easy, cheap, healthy idea hasn’t really caught up in Europe.

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