“Why Would You Do That?!”

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means… it’s time for some “Real Talk”.

When you do something like this, uproot your life, move to another country; everyone wants to know why. Recently I have had some outside influences attempting to answer that question for me. As if I had not come to this decision on my own. While they have made some valid points I have found that they are missing the most important part.

The connections.

It’s so great to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. Others who wanted a change, to grow, to explore. Who don’t take themselves so seriously because these moments are fleeting.

This is why I moved to Buenos Aires.

For days like today. Great food. Great people. Large rooms with vaulted ceilings filled with laughter that takes your breath away. Passionate Boca fans screaming in the streets. And dog piles.

Yes, “dog piles”.

Can you think of a better way to end your day than an unexpected interracial sandwich?

I think not.



4 thoughts on ““Why Would You Do That?!”

  1. You have a positive adventurous spirit that is infectious. Good for you. Hey I see a Quilmes there. 🙂

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