Left Foot, Right Foot

Gah! I know I have been a lazy blogger this week. I did not, however, forget about “Real Talk Sunday” – I was deliberately silent. Sometimes silence is the best way to go. I promise to be better 🙂

Sooooo, on that note. I finally went to a “milonga” this week. Que es? A milonga is a place you go to dance tango. The night usually starts with a group lessons, everyone in a circle, moving counter-clockwise. After a few hours of everyone bumping into each other you’re set free to explore the moves you just learned.


I wish I could provide more photos but my camera died

I have been really wanting to go to one but I haven’t really had the chance – until now. (insert dramatic movie man voice)

At La Catedral you have two options, pay just for entrance or pay for entrance including lessons. Not knowing what to expect, I was feeling a little shy, so I bought an entrance only ticket. But, once we walked into the main hall and I saw everyone in the circle, I had to I turn around to pay the extra 20 pesos to join in.

Now, let me give you some background here. I love, love, love to dance. But, dance and I have some issues. If you can recall my post about my sprained ankle, I lack what some would call grace. And when I dance, I can’t move my feet.

It’s so shameful. My mother once said “Son, you’re all hips and no feet.”

Super sad day.

All hope is not lost though, I am determined to find a style that my feet can get along with.

Could tango be THE ONE?! *side glance*

So armed with a smile I joined the ranks, optimistic that grace would find me. What happened was pretty comical. It was so crowded. Everyone was trying to watch the instructors and move at the same time. The result?  A lot of stepping on toes and the backs of heels – paired with the occasional shoulder jab.

After awhile my partner and I grew tired of being tossed around and rejoined our friends. I was pretty impressed that despite the loud music and the shouting from the instructors, we could still have a conversation and not feel forced to yell at each other. The atmosphere was great!  From the outside it doesn’t look too special – you walk in the front door, go up some dingy stairs, cut down a hall and then you are enveloped in a large dimly lit, romantic room. If you are looking for fancy, don’t bother coming in. If you want a slightly deconstructed, artsy, sexy vibe – this is your place.  There also seemed to be a good mix of both foreigners and Portenos as well. If you are not interested in dancing there are a good amount of tables where you can sit, order a bottle of wine and dinner.

FYI – if you are a part of the vegetarian clan, get ready to cry tears of joy. There is no meat in this kitchen. What?! Yes, veggie restaurants are hard to come by here, and this is one of them. Oh that’s not all, if you have been out in BsAs you know that things can get a little smoky, well not here; smoking is not allowed in the building. So, you can breathe easy and eat yo veggies 😉

After the lessons were over, the dance party started and I  found myself back on the dance floor. I was lucky though, the guy was a great lead. I can’t stress enough how wonderful it is to dance with someone who knows how to lead. They can really make you look good. So thanks to him, I may have still been tripping over my feet, but there were definitely moments in which grace seemed like a possibility. 🙂

I have a feeling I will be back.

*** If you are interested in heading to La Catedral here is the website. Should you really want to take advantage of the lessons I would recommend getting there around 7:30 when it is less crowded.***

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