“Against My Window…”

Buenos Aires

It has been a dreary week here in Buenos Aires. The clouds grew lonely, and jealous, making a spectacle of reminding us of their presence. I welcomed the rain, arms open – wide-eyed – and giggling. Admiring the long brush strokes against my window – the romance of a city bathing – street lights blinking out of modesty.

For a desert girl rain is magical. It’s mysterious. It’s a tease. Just when you are finding comfort in the grey, the clouds disperse – exhausted. No goodbyes, no apologies.

But, I admit that when I awoke to the sun blinding my eyes this morning, I was pretty happy about it. Typically I will shy away, curl into myself, and retreat to the creases of my pillow. But, not today. Today, I eagerly released my left foot from under the blanket, stretched my toes, and allowed them to dance in the warmth.

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