What do you know about mud fights in February?

Last week was so hot, a couple of days reached about 40 (°C), that’s around 104 (°F), throw in the humidity and you have – not wanting to move because “it’s too damn hot” weather. The “I can’t get dry” weather. That “how am I sweating I just got out of the shower?” weather. Sooooo, that being the case, I had planned to spend my weekend in my underwear in front of my fan – ALL DAY. No, I have no shame in that statement. But my lovely housemates had other plans, they woke me up (a dangerous task) and dragged me out of my room to escape the heat, the city to seek refuge in Tigre.

Tigre is a town in the Buenos Aires province located north of the city. It’s a starting point for the Paraná Delta. The town is on an island that is connected by a series of rivers and streams. Fun trivia fact – the town is named Tigre after the jaguars that were once hunted here back in the day. OK, maybe it’s more of a sad trivia fact – but a fact nonetheless.

So we packed a picnic and hopped on a bus, to take a train (love trains), to hop on a “lancha” (boat) – these were really cool old school mahogany boats – to walk, and walk, and walk to find the perfect location. After sweating our faces off, and crossing more than a few high, rickety, wooden bridges (holds breath), we found a suitable site.


Now, we had literally just had a conversation the night before about how terrified I am of dark water, so you can imagine the look on my face when I was told that this is where we were going swimming.


What, no pool?

So, I sucked it up, and whilst gingerly lowering myself into the water (the housemates have started calling me “princessa” – I, of course, have no idea why *side glance*), when out of no where, I felt the cool kiss of a mud ball on my face.

Yeah, a ball of mud, on the face.

What ensued was a mud fight for the ages. I am sure everyone that saw us must have thought we were muy loca and disgusting. This was the result.

Photo credit to Ramiro Ramma

Let’s just say I had to wash my hair 3 times to get the mud out.

But, yes, I swam in that water and I had a blast – here is the proof.


If you have an opportunity to make it to Tigre, you should go, it’s so beautiful. Keep an eye out for a panadería flotante like this one.

All of her pastries were cheap and delicious – I am going to speak for all and say the pastel de manzana was the bee’s freakin’ knees. *Rubs belly*


Swimming in dark water? Playing in the mud? WHOOOO AMMM IIII?????

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