“A Few of My Favorite Things” in Buenos Aires

I was a little grumpy yesterday. Why? Who knows, but I decided to nip that in the bud by thinking of the little things that make me happy here in Buenos Aires.

1) The keys. Yes, the keys. The keys here make my life. They are reminiscent of skeleton keys and remind me for some reason of the movie “The Secret Garden”. Every time I unlock my door I can’t help but smile like an idiot.

2) The streets. I love walking down the streets here. The architecture knocks my socks off. I love the railings on the balconies, the steel gates, the shutters, the doors, the terraces.

English: Entrance to an underground station in...3) The art! You can’t go anywhere in this city without seeing walls covered in graffiti/street art. It’s not all “amazing”, but when it’s good – it’s goooood!

Street art in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

4) The hibiscus trees. It makes my heart smile when I am walking and come across a hibiscus tree.

5) The cobblestone streets – I mean, do have to explain this? I am pretty sure if you look up “charming” in the dictionary there would be an image of a cobblestone street.

6) There are heladerias (ice cream shops) on basically every street.

Buenos Aires - Recoleta: Arkakaó

7) Following that note – the ice cream!! Almendra (almond) is my new favorite flavor.

8) The fact that it’s January and I am not freezing my nalgas off.

9) Watching the moonset and the sunrise connecting with people from all over the world.

10) That the men dance here! And I don’t mean grinding on my booty dancing, but real dancing with real moves!

11) That when I look into the sky I am looking at a whole new set of stars. 🙂

That’s it for now. I think it would be fun to continue to add to this list. Perhaps I will start an “A Few of My Least Favorite Things” post just to even it out ;).

Have you spent some time in the city? What are some of YOUR favorite things?

4 thoughts on ““A Few of My Favorite Things” in Buenos Aires

  1. I almost let my Hibiscus plant die because I was tired of it, sooo happy I had a change of heart….It’s given me a flower almost everyday since you’ve been away. love you!

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