Food, Glorious FOOD!

Nothing makes me happier than a full plate of delicious goodness. I love to eat, I don’t trust anyone that doesn’t. Eating is my favorite indulgence. I like to think that I’m an adventurous eater. I will try anything once – I’m not scared – BRING IT ON. There isn’t a lot that I don’t like, well that’s a lie. I am not a fan of tofu, however, shout out to my girl Daya – the girl can whip up some MEAN tofu. She is a rare exception.

OK, back to the food I love. Pig ears? If crispy, love ’em. Sweet breads? Love ’em. Veggies? Love ’em. Pastries? Love ’em. Seafood? Love …

You get the idea.

I am also a huge a meat lover. Ahhh I love meat!!

– Go ahead and giggle at the dirty joke that just ran through your mind – I don’t mind – I went there too, and my12 yr old self also thinks it’s hilarious. 😉

But, seriously, there is nothing funny about meat. My grandfather was a butcher so there is no way I could ever be a vegetarian.

– I think bacon is the candy of the meats.

– Duck makes me giddy.

– Lamb can bring tears to my eyes.

– I’m actually not a big fan of chicken, unless it’s fried – then I am ALL about it.

But, if I was only allowed to eat one type of meat/dish, I would choose steak. Ahh – mid-rare, (warm and red throughout) a bit of lime and salt. Omg I die. It’s for this reason I was sooo excited about coming to Argentina – the place is known for its beef. AKA it’s heaven. 🙂

Last night the housemates and I had an “Asado”. What is that? Why a barbecue/cookout of course! It is also considered the national dish :). So, we bought a whole bunch of steak and chorizo (sausage – this isn’t like the chorizo we are used to in NM – there is no spice – it’s just sausage).

Literally, stacks on stacks, on stacks of beef :)

Literally, stacks on stacks, on stacks of beef 🙂


Don’t worry we also bought some veggies…


Ramiro was kind of enough to man the parrilla (grill). Throw in a great salad, chimichurri, a few bottles of Malbec, and semi-violent winds and you are one step closer to being in a blissful food-coma.


Between 9 people we couldn’t finish all of it. Annnd on that note, I am going to go do some work on the leftovers! Salud!!


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