The day I went for a dip, saw Jesus, and wound up on TV

It’s the weekend. You’re in Buenos Aires, in the middle of January, and unlike most “portenos” you aren’t on holiday. What do you do to escape the heat? Head to Parque Norte, of course. What is Parque Norte? It’s a recreational park that has every activity you may want to partake in on a nice day including… a pool!

When my roommate asked if I wanted to go to the pool I was so excited. It’s been so hot here (not complaining) and I was eager to get in my bikini, lay out and cool off. I was expecting a quiet relaxing day poolside, reading the 4th installment of Game of Thrones, and maybe a quick nap. No. This was a full-blown party. It was huge! I want to say there were about 3 or 4 large pools, one of which had choreographed dancing, there was music blasting, and people taking over EVERY square inch. It was a little too crowded for Ramiro, but I was loving it. Why? People watching!IMG_6283

If you are going to Parque Norte be prepared:

> to travel a bit – it’s located near the Rio de Plata in Belgrano

> to pay a bit more depending on the day you go and/or if you are not a member of the club

> to be checked by a medic. In order to be allowed into the la pileta they will check you for lice and other ailments.

> to see planes flying over you at a close proximity as it is also close to the Jorge Newbery Airport.


> and to keep an eye out for Jesus. Yup you read right. Jesus. He made an appearance a few times  rising out of a church – rotating left to right – lifting his head to the sky and closing his eyes in prayer (I’m assuming). I wish, I WISH i had a photo of this it was so strange lol.

Are you not getting a clear picture? No problem. You can see for yourself. While tanning Ramiro and I were interviewed for the show “Variete”. I am in there twice, between 2:20 and 3:50. They loved Ramiro (yellow sunglasses) he did not love that they only included the good things he said and left out his negative statements. *Shakes Fist*… Here is the snippet

Mallllooooooooo lol.

6 thoughts on “The day I went for a dip, saw Jesus, and wound up on TV

  1. I’m jealous that you get to play in the sun. Although it has been 50 here the past two days. Miss you tons and I am loving your blog

  2. I want to go dancing in the pool! Now that’s line dancing I wouldn’t mind doing, if you miss step no worries……Love that they check out everyone before letting them enter. Thanks for sharing.

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