Boca? Si, but not your boca

El "Caminito", Boca

El “Caminito”, Boca

Gah! Taking time to rest my ankle has been really difficult for me. There is so much to see and do here, that the last thing I want is to sit around keeping my ankle elevated and iced. So, last Friday I went with Megan and Matteo (my housemates) to Boca. What is boca? The literal translation would be “mouth”, but I am not going to be talking mouths today.

Boca is a barrio in Buenos Aires situated at “the mouth” of the river Riachuelo. It is for this reason that some say it’s named Boca. It is also said that it’s named after the Bocadaze neighborhood in Genoa, Italy. Both are believable and both could be correct. Boca is famous for a few reasons. It is home to the world-famous Boca Juniors and is where La Bombonera (the stadium) is located. I didn’t get to explore the stadium, but seeing as fútbol season is fast approaching I have a feeling I will return and experience it in its full glory – I don’t know if you know, but fútbol is kind of a big deal here – kind of 😉

Boca is also known for el “Caminito” (“little walkway”)- a little pocket with cobblestone streets lined with eclectic colorful buildings. IMG_6240It is iconic, and arguably the most well-known landmark in Buenos Aires. What was once a hub for artists, and is said to be the inspiration for the tango, is now ridden with tourists and those who wish to take advantage of said tourists. This isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but hey I am here, I can’t NOT see el “Caminito”.

So I put my cynicism in my back pocket and took off to enjoy the day. After walking around for a brief moment (el “Caminito” is only one street – thus the name) we sat to enjoy some sangria and watch the competing tango shows that were taking place on either side of us. “When in Boca…”

So there we were – chatting about how touristy the place was, watching these poor foreigners being pulled on stage to dance with one of the performers when Megan stated that she would hate it if that happened to her. I casually said, “why not? You’ll never see these people again – you just gotta go with it.” Annnd what happened? Not even 5 minutes later I was being dragged on stage.


Aye dios. I asked for it, basically manifested it. So, with my busted ankle my cynical ass had to get up and do the most touristy thing possible:

Dance the tango – on stage – in Boca – on el “Caminito”.


Winning. hahaha… Take a look for yourself…



Despite the fact that

1) The sangria was wayyyy over priced, and a little too sweet.

2) That it took longer to travel back and forth, than the time we spent there

3) That there were more tourists than space to walk

I am glad I went. It was charming, the server told me he loved me, and I got to learn a few dance moves. Not a bad day, not a bad day.

Bottom line – Go to Boca, take your photos, have a drink, and if they make you dance – dance. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Boca? Si, but not your boca

  1. Twin, have you danced tango before?? Because I sure as heck would not “catch on” as you seem to have in these photos. Such a natural , such a beauty 😉

    1. Oh no I haven’t … I owe it all to the guy I was dancing with. He was an excellent lead, I did nothing he just moved around to where I needed to be. He made me look good lol. I am glad it worked hahaha, but thanks!

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