“Whoooo Arrre Youuuuu?”

Alright…. so I have invited you to join me on this journey. I am asking you that you be interested in my stories and musings. Yet all I have given you is a brief snippet in my “About Me” section. Is that fair? I think not. I plan on having some legit “real talk” on this blog so it’s only right that I give you some insight about who I am, where I come from etc.

I am a brown-skinned mesa girl with a love for learning and I refuse to allow my socio-economic status rule my life and what I choose to do with it. From a monetary perspective I don’t come from much and I don’t have much. But paper is just that – paper. Do I want more if it – hell yeah I do, but who doesn’t.

I come from a family of artists rooted deep in tradition and cultural pride. Hailing from New Mexico, I received my BA in Anthropolgy and Religious Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I was the first in my family to receive a higher education as well the first to travel for long periods of time internationally.

I was raised to be open-minded, to believe in myself and to be thankful for every breath of air I am lucky enough to ingest.

I write poems. I love to eat, I love good wine, dirty martinis, and whiskey on the rocks. I am an art enthusiast. I love music that can break my heart and make me want to dance.

I believe this world is too big and yet too small to not explore. I am a curious being who always ends up learning things the hard way. I tend to jump before thinking, I can be hot-tempered and a little controlling.

I love people who challenge me – inspire me – move me etc. I love culture, I love new experiences and understandings. I have a thirst for life and damn the person who tells me I can’t do something.

Thank you for reading, following, and allowing me to share my experiences with you. I would love for this to be interactive so comment, advise, suggest etc.

Ciao! πŸ™‚576927_10101071461649163_1446656888_n

9 thoughts on ““Whoooo Arrre Youuuuu?”

  1. Who am I? I am a friend of Darcy’s. my name is Todd and saw a link on FB. I just got back from a seven month backpack in europe. Good luck expat!

      1. GF and I were using a couple volunteer websites (workaway.info and Helpx.net, very useful sites with hosts global, all different kinds of projects to volunteer on, similar to woofing, to trade “work” for room and board. France (valle d’Loire area, south of Paris) for 1.5 month working on chateaux, Montenegro (herzog novi area) for 3 months, half of that time was at a sweet naturist campsite helping out the owners, Camp Full Monte, then to Greek Peloponnese for a couple months staying with 2 different hosts and searching for all the non-textile beaches.

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