Mierda Happens – The Adventures of a Klutz

Let me start by saying that I did not mean for an entire week (!) to go by without a new posting. Life has of course taken over and honestly I have made little to no time to write. As to be expected, my first week here has been overwhelming, just not in the way one would expect. Ahh – where to start?

I am happy to say that I am loving my current living situation. I found my fabulous casa thanks to Airbnb. If you are looking for an alternative to hotels while traveling or a long-term situation, like I was, this is a great resource! Follow the link and as you can see you can choose your price range – ideal neighborhood – read reviews etc. Take a look I highly recommend this site!

Anyway back to my point. So here I am loving the house, my housemate (more on him later), and my neighborhood. I am living off a small, yet charming, park. I was really excited about this because I like to run. I am not a fanatic about it, but if there is easy accessibility the chances of my getting off my “bum” to run are pretty solid. Because, let’s be real, if it was just 3 blocks away I probably wouldn’t go…

So after choosing to stay in all day/night on Sat to rest and fully adjust, I woke up on Sunday excited to take a few spins around the park.

The fountain is usually on..

The fountain is usually on… 🙂

Imagine this:

There I was getting in the groove, jamming to Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls)”, FEELING life and then BAM! My foot hit a loose tile on the sidewalk and tumbling down I went. We may run the world according to Bey, but I clearly can’t run around a park. No Bueno.

I scraped my knees and one elbow up pretty good. I tested my ankle thought it was good and then I proceeded to dust myself off, get back up, and finish my run.


Oh, I didn’t stop there, I proceeded to walk around the city for 8 hours that day. Mind you it was a lovely day – in which I will indulge in another post coming soon. But I got home took off my shoes and my ankle was about 3 times the size it should be. WTF.

Soooo I have been taking it easy so my knees and sprained ankle can heal. I am going to buy a cord for my camera after work today so I can load photos of my ailments – pity comments are encouraged 😉


So the swelling has gone down considerably it’s still tender but I am on the mend 🙂

OK, as promised here are some photos of my ailments. Please forgive that I haven’t had a pedicure in a while… 🙂



Gah! It got worse...

Gah! It got worse…

11 thoughts on “Mierda Happens – The Adventures of a Klutz

  1. I really hope you’re having a great time while at Buenos Aires. You found a great place to stay! (if I’m correct, that Park is “Plaza Monseñor De Andrea” and it belongs to one of my favourite “barrios”, Recoleta 🙂
    Let me know if I can help you in any way! I found your photos and adventures very interesting, so I’ll come back to read more 😀
    Have fun!

    1. Gracias! Yes, that is the one! I am loving Recoleta thus far. It’s the perfect location.
      How long were you in BsAs? Thank you!! I can’t wait to see your photos tambien!
      Ciao! 🙂

      1. I write english, but I am from Argentina! (and even though I’m doing my best effort, it will be obvious sooner or later that this is not my native language, hahaha!)
        To learn about my city from other points of view gives me the chance to discover and see the beauty of it all, without the daily rush to go to work, or to fulfill an errand, etc. And, also, helps me to appreciate everything a bit more 😀 Thanks for sharing with your readers your photos and journeys!

      2. Well for now your english is great! I need to work on my spanish … Yay! I am glad to hear that I hope I give your city the justice it deserves!! Where are you currently living?

      3. Even when the city center is very attractive, I can’t imagine living my life there… I’m currently living in Haedo (a city located in Morón, part of the Greater Buenos Aires urban conurbation). It’s a gorgeous city, where in spring everything smells like candy 🙂 No, really, it does! It’s because the city is full of what we call “Árbol de Paraísos” (paradise tree, or –in fact- bead tree), a friendly tree that washes everything with that scent when it blossoms. We still can enjoy taking long walks late at night, having ice-cream with our neighbors, walking the dogs, watching movies in a park (like in the old times, everybody sitting in the grass, having mate with bizcochitos). I’m 26Km away from where you are staying (by car is less than an hour, but taking train and/or bus means about 2 hours).
        May I ask you, what’s the thing that surprised you the most about Buenos Aires? 🙂
        Aún cuando el centro de la ciudad es muy atractivo, no puedo imaginar vivir mi vida ahí… Actualmente estoy viviendo en Haedo (una ciudad ubicada en Morón, parte del Gran Buenos Aires o Conurbano). Es una preciosa ciudad, donde todo huele a caramelos en primavera :). No, en serio, es así! Se debe a que la ciudad está llena de lo que llamamos “Árbol de Paraísos”, un amigable árbol que baña todo con esa esencia cuando florece. Aún podemos disfrutar largas caminatas tarde en la noche, tomar un helado con nuestros vecinos, pasear al perro, mirar películas en la plaza (como en los viejos tiempos, todos sentados en el pasto, tomando mate con bizcochitos). Estoy a 26Km de donde te estás hospedando (en auto es menos de una hora, pero tomando tren y/o colectivo significa cerca de 2 horas de viaje).
        ¿Puedo preguntarte qué es lo que más te ha sorprendido de Buenos Aires? 🙂

      4. Oo I will have to check out Haedo one of these days it sounds amazing. It’s no that far. Umm the one thing that has surprised me…It seems that everyone is really respectful towards the elderly. At least on public transportation. People will make sure they get a seat. I feel like that is lost in so many parts of the world.

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