Nuevo Ano, Nuevo Vida

Why am I writing a blog? Well, I woke up last year and decided that I wanted to sell everything I own and try out the lifestyle of an expat…

Next thing you know a year has gone by and I’m on a plane. No turning back, doing my best to not allow my emotions to get the best of me. I’ve said goodbye to the place that’s been my home for the past 7 years,my friends, and only part of my family. Realizing that layover time is not nearly enough to tie up all the loose ends I foolishly left for the last-minute (of course).

It was 4 am and I was saying goodbye to one of my bff's there were def tears involved

Deep breaths.

The itinerary is Denver > Kansas City > Ft. Lauderdale > Miami > Buenos Aires!!!!!!!

I have to admit I am a little nervous. I have lived out of the country before but this is my first time “living” in another country. By that I mean – having a job, an apartment, day-to-day living. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t think was possible. In the span of 1 year I went from living in a fully furnished – “complete”, if you will, 1 bedroom apartment  > to a studio apartment > to renting a bedroom > to living out of 2 suitcases (well a backpacking backpack and a duffel bag). IMG_6144

I have a few goals to accomplish while I am here… I will elaborate later when I have more time.

I am embarking on the biggest adventure I’ve ever been on, one I can’t believe became a reality in such a short amount of time. How grateful and Lucky am I?!?!?!?

******** Update*******

I have landed! There were a few misunderstandings, but that aside it was a rather seamless journey.

I arrived to amazingly warm weather, blue skies and city noises. My roommate, at first impression is very kind, patient with my horrible spanish, and eager to help :). The power is out on our block, Ramiro says this happens often (welcome to B.A.).

I have to admit although I am incredibly excited, I can’t help but think:


5 thoughts on “Nuevo Ano, Nuevo Vida

  1. So happy you made it. The first thing I would recommend is getting a flash light. If the power goes out often, the you won’t have an excuse not to write, therefore the flash light will come in handy. Did I read your housemate has a cat? If so I hope you took allergy med. Looking at the Casa online I took notice of the beds and I’m hoping you get more than a cot.This is exciting! Everyone is so proud of you. You are an inspiration for the females in our lives. Take care and keep moving onward……love mom

    1. Hello!!

      Good call! Yes there is un gatito here but the house so big and open so I don’t notice her. She is also not allowed in my room. I am glad though she will keep the spiders at bay haha. Well, I am not sleeping on a cot but a small twin size bed… I will talk more about this soon. Ahhh gracias mama!!!! I am trying 🙂 love you miss you!!

      1. Un gatito is good for spiders and mice! Are you getting good vibes about the place? Rosa sent me and email, she is so proud of you and said she will say extra prayers for your safety. When’s your first day of work? You must be nervous, I recall the awful feeling starting a new job no fun. But you’ll do just fine, remember we’re a call away. love you Sonita, mom

      2. Yes exactly!!! I don’t even notice her because the house is so large and open :). yay, awe tell her thank you! I have to say these first few weeks I feel like I am 12 yrs old again lol… but it’s good and will get better. Thank you. Love you too!

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